You Can Change Your Body ... and Your Life. 

If you want to improve your body, your health, and your confidence, and you're ready to earn it, L&L Fitness is the right place for you.
Through cutting edge training methods, advanced nutrition counseling, and hard work, together we WILL accomplish your goal.

Your Private Gym

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Truly PERSONAL Training

Big gyms are like factories, just trying to sell as many memberships and as many personal training packages as possible.  At L&L Fitness, we make training PERSONAL.  You're not just another face amongst the crowd. Your trainer will get to know YOU and will be genuinely invested in your success.  Read More...

1 on 1 Training Sessions   | Semi-Private Training  |   Group Training   

It's all here so you can build a customized program to meet your individual needs.

Your Perfect Diet Plan

Our goal is to educate you to eat properly for life long health and fitness.  We put an end to the ups and downs of dieting with out science based coaching and the most advanced online nutrition program available.


What L&L Fitness is All About

L&L Fitness is a husband/wife owned and operated private fitness facility aimed at helping people achieve their fitness goals, educating people about diet and exercise, and having a good time doin' it all.  

The training facility is private, so the only people here are working directly with their personal trainer.  You're in your own space with your choice of music - no distractions, just results.   There are never more than two trainers working at a time.  When you're not here, you have our support.  You're just an email or a phone call away from your trainer.

Life is too short to not enjoy it.  You only get one life and you only get one body to live it in.  Why not make yourself what you want to be?  That's what L&L Fitness is all about.


  • Finally back to pre-baby weight!
  • Loves it so much she is now a certified fitness instructor!
  • From mom jeans to bikini competition & fitness modeling in 11 months!
  • Lost over 40 lbs and now competing in 5ks!

Meet the Professionals

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Find Your Trainer

We are proud to offer trainers certified in both Personal Training and Nutrition

(#1) You will trust
(#2) Will get you results
(#3) You will enjoy working with.

Which trainer is the best for you?

What Our Clients Say

open quote open  An unsolicited endorsement for L&L Fitness in Phoenixville because I feel great today!

I've been attending personal training sessions there 2-3 times a week, initially to jump start my need to get into shape for last month's 100 mile MS Ride. That was successful. Now my objective is to reach short term goals pertaining to weight, strength and overall quality of being. At almost 50, I needed help with motivation and this is what I have found here - not to mention camaraderie and laughter. The environment is unique from gym based training and I look forward to my sessions which have always been productive - even if I was lagging.    

- David Yarnall Davlen Photography